Worthy of Your Attention

by November 06, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s Thursday, and that means that only a couple of games will be played tonight. Both of them are nationally-televised affairs, and TNT will bring you the sights and sounds.

Philly @ Orlando
: Elton Brand and his new teammates are still working out the kinks, and despite the early-season losses, it appears as though they’ll figure things out sooner rather than later. Tonight, in Orlando, would be a good start down that path.

Orlando (2-2) has been a bit slow out of the gates as well, and this game could prove to be a nice little confidence-booster.

Houston @ Portland: This, of course, was supposed to be a Yao-Oden showdown, and while that will obviously not take place tonight, it should still be a pretty good game.

Both of these teams have a lot to prove, and it would be an especially uplifting victory for the Blazers (against one of the better teams in the West) as they try to hold down the fort until their big man returns to the lineup