Worthy of Your Attention

by November 10, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The NBA sched is fairly light this evening (only five games), but there are a couple of gems in there…

Toronto @ Boston: Are the Toronto Raptors for real? Early on, it appears as though they very much are. And tonight, they face their first true test of the young season, as they visit the defending champs in their house.

The best teams in the East this season will likely be Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, and Toronto (settle the hell down, Hawks fans); a win tonight for the Rapts would do wonders for their confidence, and force the rest of the conference to sit up a little straighter.

Memphis @ Phoenix: Yes, I have an unhealthy man-crush on this Memphis team (I see you, OJ!). They’re loose, care-free, and are definitely not short on highlight plays. Sort of reminds one of past incarnations of the team they’re going up against tonight.

Speaking of the Suns, they have adjusted nicely to coach Porter’s new system, and so far, resting Shaq has paid dividends. He’s not only been productive, but he’s put the time off to good use – um, he’s used it to update his Twitter feed.