Worthy of Your Attention

by November 25, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

For some (if not most), it’s not a matter of if LeBron will leave the Cavs to play in New York, but when. Hell, some are even ready to help him go apartment shopping in Manhattan.

Sure, it’s an insane and endlessly nauseating storyline, one that will only get worse over the next two years, but whenever James pays a visit to the Garden, it is and will always be must-watch stuff. And tonight is no different.

Last season, King gave the Knicks 50/10/8. All of NYC’s movers and shakers will be in the house tonight, and with speculation about 2010 spiraling out of control, it will be interesting to see what James has in store for the fans.

Speaking of Knicks fans, the local media is asking them for a small service tonight: To beg and grovel.

Whatever happens, Nike is making sure their guy is looking fresh.