Worthy of Your Attention

by December 05, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Lakers @ Wizards: Washington has to battle not just a championship-caliber squad tonight, but their rather vocal fans, too.

“We need to give a good performance so that the vast majority of people in our colors are yelling loud enough that they are drowning out those people in the purple and gold,” said Wizards Coach Ed Tapscott, a Washington native.

“So it’s on us to recognize that the vast majority of people will be Wizards fans.”

Portland @ Boston: The what-if game? My guess is that the Celtics don’t have too many regrets about not having selected Greg Oden in the 2007 draft now.

Indiana @ Cleveland: Whenever these two teams get together, a thrilling basketball game always seems to break out. Don’t miss it.

Warriors @ Rockets: So many questions surrounding this matchup…How cruel (albeit, hilarious) can the Houston Chronicle continue to be towards the oft-injured Tracy McGrady? Will Corey “I’m going to get mine” Maggette deign to pass to a single teammate tonight? Tune in to find out!