Worthy of Your Attention

by December 29, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Denver @ Atlanta: “Superstars” Joe Johnson and Carmelo Anthony will do battle tonight in the ATL, and it’ll be interesting to see which of the two studs comes out on top:

I decided to look at it another way. Would I trade Joe Johnson straight up for Carmelo Anthony right now? I don’t think so. LeBron, of course, is another story. So I can see where my scout friend was going with his analysis.

The best part is we get to see Melo and Joe on the same floor Monday night and judge for ourselves which guys is more valuable to his team, which me be far more important than which one is the better player in general.

Chicago @ New Jersey: Larry Hughes, as per usual, is unhappy with his playing time. The good news for Bulls fans, is that he doesn’t appear long for the Windy City. Rejoice!

Orlando @ Detroit: In Motown tonight, Orlando will go up against their Playoff nemesis from the past couple of years. I dunno, something tells me a Magic/Pistons series would be a hell of a lot closer today than in years past.