Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s snowy and miserable here in Ottawa, so I plan on spending a lot of time getting re-acquainted with my couch this weekend. Here are some matchups that I’ll be tuning it to and that you shouldn’t miss out on …

Houston @ New Jersey (Tonight, 7:30pm EST): Jason Kidd makes his return to the lineup; how will the home fans respond? Something to keep an eye on. Also, T-Mac has been on a tear of late and has the Rockets back on track. Plus, the T-Mac vs. Vince matchup is always fun.

Utah @ Dallas (Saturday, 8:30pm EST): In an attempt to reverse-jinx themselves, the Mavs say they don’t care about the regular season too much, and the results are obvious (12-8). As for Utah, Carlos Boozer recently suggested a similar approach towards the regular season during a team meeting, but the idea never really gained any traction because as the words began to escape Booz’s lips, Jerry Sloan slowly and menacingly unveiled a weapon similar to the cattle gun in No Country for Old Men.

Sunday: As a fan, it is my duty to catch the Warriors/Lakers tilt, but most of my energies will be focused on the Steelers/Patriots war in Foxborough. Go Steelers!