Yao donates $2 million to earthquake victims

by June 11, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

Yes, a positive story, the opposite of some of the “other stuff” going on. After the devastating earthquake in China last month, Yao is stepping up and has set up a foundation, with assistance from The Giving Back Fund, encouraging people to donate money. He is kicking in $2 million of his own.

“As everyone knows about the recent tragedy in China, the earthquake tragedy was the worst in history,” Yao said. “For this reason, I am working to give back funds.”

The charity stories of professional athletes are usually overlooked and dismissed, but still, for all the shady dirtiness of the latest round of conspiracy talk, it’s nice to have these types of stories to balance it out. And to think, they were looking to call excessive fouls on his high screens! (Allegedly)