‘You Wanna Have a Legacy?’: Clippers Owner Makes Pitch to Free Agents

by November 09, 2018

The LA Clippers will have $70 million in salary cap space, and hope to lure two max-level superstars next summer.

Team owner Steve Ballmer‘s pitch to free agents will focus on the potential to build a legacy by taking the Clips to the top.

Ballmer, the wealthiest owner in North American pro spors, is hell-bent on changing the Clippers’ free agency luck.

Per Bleacher Report:

His answer starts before the question ends, and it’s shot squarely at me. Suddenly, I am Kevin Durant. I am Kawhi Leonard.

“You wanna have a legacy?” Ballmer asks pointedly. “You wanna really say you were involved in doing something super special? You come here,” he says, his volume and intensity quickly rising.

“You be in L.A., the greatest market in the world, and you show people: ‘I’m the guy! I went to a franchise who’d never been there! I’m the guy! I made it happen! I get a legacy!'”