Your Chance To Win KG’s Rare Kicks

by October 29, 2008

by Chris O’Leary 

If you’re a fiend for crazy limited sneakers that will make you the envy of everyone on your block, I’ve got some good and some bad news for you.

First, the good. Since the people at adidas have a whole lot of love for SLAM readers, they’ve set us up with a pair of Kevin Garnett’s Championship Edition Commander sneaker. Yeah, one of the extremely limited (17 pairs made, people) sneaks I wrote about earlier this week. They’re a size 15–the same as KG’s–and we’re giving them away here on the site. Good news, right? I’d go as far as to say great news, even.

The bad news? I’m really, really jealous of whoever’s going to get these things shipped to their doorstep. Yeah, it’s good to spread the love and regardless of who you are, you can’t get every single sneaker you ever see that you like, but right now I’m jealous, cranky and kind of hungry.

So then, winner (insert your name overtop of that, if you like), I’m gonna make you earn these things. In the comments section, tell me the story of the first time that Kevin Garnett won you over as a fan. The response that gives me shivers like Kev yelling, “Anything is possibllllllleeeeeeeee!” in Michelle Tafoya’s face in June, wins earns these sneakers. You’ve got ’til midnight ET Friday (that means end of the day Thursday) to replace my jealousy with appreciation for you and your KG love. Cool?

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