You’re Not Watching Nearly Enough TV

by August 02, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

The 2007-2008 NBA schedule has just been released. Kobe’s Lakers and Nash’s Suns are getting 24 national TV games, which is tops. For some reason, Chicago is also getting a ton of national TV exposure. I guess TV execs didn’t receive the memo from one of our commenters on this site (sorry, can’t remember who) that the Bulls couldn’t score with a bag of bananas inside a monkey whorehouse.

Below I’ve listed two of the games that I’m looking forward to the most next season:

-Durant and Oden will square off for the first time on Christmas (ESPN). The other two X-Mas games are Cleveland/Miami and Lakers/Suns (ABC).

-KG makes his return to Minny on February 8th (ESPN).

Comb through the schedule yourselves and let us know what you think in the comments.