Zach LaVine Gives Insight Into Upcoming Free Agency with Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have a top five record in the league, becoming one of the NBA’s most improved teams this season. A large part of this success are the pieces the Bulls have put around Zach LaVine, who is the face of the franchise and the centerpiece of Chicago’s rebuild over the past few years. 

With that in mind, LaVine is set to become a restricted free agent in July. Based on his individual performance and how he’s helped the team, he is set for a huge payday. 

LaVine recently spoke to Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill, giving insight into his upcoming free agency. He’s looking forward to getting paid what he thinks he has earned during his time in Chicago. 

“I think we all get what we deserve at the level we play at, for our team and around the league. I think I stack up with everybody at that level,” LaVine said. “We’ll let the chips fall. Is [a max contract] the goal? I don’t know if it’s the goal, but I should be getting what I deserve.”

While LaVine hasn’t necessarily made a max contract extension a goal, he certainly believes he is worth that type of deal. Playing at an All-Star level, he’s emerged as one of the best guards in the entire NBA. Alongside new teammate DeMar DeRozan, the Bulls have one of the deadliest offensive duos in the league. 

Right now, LaVine is focused on winning games and taking Chicago to the playoffs. The end goal is a championship, with his free agency situation being something he believes will work itself out when the time comes. 

“That’s why I don’t have to talk about it,” LaVine said. “I’ll go into the offseason, after this year and be very satisfied with what I think I’ll get and I’ll be happy for me and my family.”

With a record of 38-21, the Bulls currently sit at second in the Eastern Conference. With LaVine being a key piece of the roster, it’ll be up to him to ensure they make a deep playoff push.