Zach LaVine: Lack of Trust With Bulls Coach Jim Boylen

Jim Boylen cited “three egregious defensive mistakes” as his justification for benching Zach LaVine early in Chicago’s 116-108 Friday night loss to the visiting Miami Heat.

LaVine responded by telling a reporter that he feels a lack of trust with the Bulls’ head coach.

The 24-year-old guard is currently putting up 19.5 points (on 40.9 percent shooting from the field), down from career-best averages of 23.7 points, 4.7 rebounds and 4.5 assists last season.

Per Yahoo Sports:

“Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen and our starters have to play better. They’ve got to play better for us to become what we can become. That’s how it works,” Boylen said. “I didn’t want [LaVine] in the game anymore. I think he needed to come over and think about it.”

Does [Boylen] trust you?

LaVine: “I feel I earned that trust, but I guess he feels differently. Other players around the league — and everybody’s situation isn’t the same — I feel other players around the league have that trust. I guess we haven’t got there.”

Do you trust him still?

LaVine: “I’m trying my best, I’ll say that. I’m playing my minutes and trying to do the best I can do. It’s tough, especially when you’re in a rut. If he doesn’t trust me, it’s hard to trust someone who doesn’t trust you.”

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