Zach LaVine Visit With Knee Specialist Went ‘Very Well’

The Bulls announced on Wednesday that after Zach LaVine‘s results from a visit with a knee specialist in Los Angeles went ‘very well.’

LaVine went to Los Angeles after reportedly experiencing several weeks of discomfort in his left knee. According to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the Bulls have some concerns about LaVine’s knee. No structural damage was revealed in a January MRI, but Coach Billy Donovan said that LaVine’s knee still swells up after games.

“He swells after games sometimes, and sometimes he doesn’t,” Donovan said via ESPN. “So I think getting to the bottom of some of that stuff, you know, they’ve obviously done imaging. He is cleared to play. There is discomfort there. He doesn’t feel great. It’s really kind of just depends.”

So with the happy news that “the doctors don’t feel like he’s in any harm’s way of continuing to play,” LaVine hopes to play in his second All-Star game. If he decides to shut it down ahead of the All-Star break, it could clear the way for Jaylen Brown to become a replacement for the All-Star game, his second career selection.