Zion Williamson Reflects On Getting Crucial Foul Calls

by April 30, 2021
Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans

On Wednesday night, the Nuggets and Pelicans had a battle that came down to the final seconds. As the clock ram down, Zion Williamson was blocked on a game-tying shot by Nikola Jokic.

In what was a controversial no-call, many members of the Pelicans thought Williamson was fouled on this last-second shot attempt. In fact, Williamson himself commented on this postgame to Will Guillory of The Athletic and other media members, discussing the foul call scenario.

“I’ve got to earn my respect. I’m only in Year 2. I’ve got to get a couple more years under my belt, and hopefully, things change with that.”

This is certainly a real thing in the NBA, as the top offensive players in the league are known for getting superstar treatment. As you become a better player, it seems you get more foul calls on the offensive floor. Nonetheless, Williamson recognizes that even though he’s one of the best players the league, he will only continue to get more crucial foul calls as his career goes on.