D-Wade and LeBron ‘Joke’ About 2010 Free Agency

by Marcel Mutoni

The dunk-a-thon otherwise known as Zo’s Summer Groove, the annual charity extravaganza hosted by Alonzo Mourning, took place in Miami yesterday.

Among the star-studded field were LeBron James and local hero Dwyane Wade, and when reporters brought up the subject of the two stars’ impending free agency (two seasons from now), James and Wade were in a joking mood about the whole affair. From the Sun-Sentinel:

“I’ve been playing with him for the last four years now, playing in the summertime, off and on,” James said of the time the two have shared on the U.S. national team. “So I could see myself playing with him.”


“Hey ‘Bron,” Wade shouted across the Heat locker room. “Can I imagine how it is to play with you? We imagine in 2010, right, ‘Bron?”

Ha-ha, very funny, guys! Don’t you realize that these kind of “jokes” could have a serious effect on the health of someone like David Stern? He’s getting up there in age, y’know.