Is Monta Ellis Still Mad at the Warrior Front Office?

by Marcel Mutoni

Some in the local media are convinced that this is the case.

According to those infamous “sources”, Monta Ellis is still more than a little upset with his employer, after he was docked $3 million due to a 30-game suspension following Scooter-Gate.

The Contra Costa Times has more:

Uncertainty, however, hangs over the reason for his departure [last Thursday for Mississippi to tend to a family matter]. Some members of the organization, according to multiple team sources, believe Ellis left for more than a family matter. Why? Ellis didn’t stick around for the team photo, which was taken last Friday before the Warriors’ home game against Charlotte. Also, according to the sources, he left with an amount of luggage that suggested he wasn’t coming back soon.

Those recent developments, in addition to Ellis’ noticeable discontent, is leading some to believe his departure was at least in part a protest, a gesture of his unhappiness. According to the sources, Ellis has shunned huddles when he’s not in the game, been late to shootarounds and practices without reason, and — in moments of frustration on the court — has voiced his desire to be traded.

Publicly, however, Ellis has maintained his desire to stay with Golden State and his appreciation for the six-year, $66 million contract he was given this offseason.

Sounds like a fun summer in the Bay is on the horizon.