Lamar Odom’s Pawned Championship Rings Up for Auction

Lamar Odom pawned off his two championship rings from the 2009 and 2010 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, and never retrieved them as his personal life unraveled.

They’re now up for auction.

Each of the jewels could fetch $50,000 and up.

Per Heritage Auctions:

The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy appears in miniature on the ring face along with the “Lakers” logo, set against a background of wall-to-wall diamonds. “2009 World Champions” balances at the perimeter in raised text. The left shank features an image of the LA skyline, the year “09” and the regular season record of “65-17.” Left shank identifies Odom by name, number and even facially, the first Championship ring we’ve ever encountered to picture its recipient. The team’s regular season record of 65-17 completes the design. The right shank lists the results of each Playoff series, with a roman numeral “XV” keeping count of franchise Championships. The band measures to a size eleven and a half (11.5), and is stamped “JBH-003, 15k” inside. We note that other player rings that have sold likewise have low serial numbers after the “Jason of Beverly Hills” maker’s monogram at interior band, assuring this is indeed Odom’s one and only original.

Presented here is the glorious symbol of the Lakers’ second consecutive to the mountain top, and the sixteenth in the franchise’s illustrious history. Not an expense was spared by creator “Jason of Beverly Hills,” nor a corner cut when crafting the award, a staggeringly opulent ring with enough flash to make a major label rapper blush. Crafted from sixteen karat gold, the ring boasts sixteen large cut diamonds to represent the franchise Championships, with dozens of smaller stones to complete the design of the face, which features a golden “Lakers” logo and matching Larry O’Brien Trophies marked “2009” and “2010.”

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