LeBron Wants His Beloved ‘Crab Dribble’ Back

by Marcel Mutoni

And the NBA might just grant their young King his wish.

It was recently revealed that the League is hard at work on revising exactly what a travel is, and might want the NCAA and FIBA to adopt similar guidelines.

Hilariously, LeBron may even get his own special chapter in the new rulebook. From the Plain Dealer:

In response to increased scrutiny in recent years, the NBA is examining rewriting its traveling rules as soon as next season. It may include allowing for two steps, not one as currently written, and possibly even a provision for LeBron James’ famous, or infamous, depending on your perspective, crab-dribble move.


The most focus has been on James’ jump-stop move, which he’s been perfecting since high school. Sometimes he travels and gets away with it, sometimes he executes it properly and still gets called for traveling.

“That would be good, I could get my move back,” James said of the potential rule changes. “They stole my move. I’ve gotten used to knowing that you have to land on two feet.”

Traveling is a hot-button topic for NBA fans, especially when watching players like James and Miami’s Dwyane Wade. Because of his speed and the length of his stride, James can often cover large distances and change possession without dribbling.

“Sometimes it is called right and sometimes it isn’t, but they’ll figure it out,” James said.


This will do wonders for the widely-held perception that the NBA will do anything to protect and coddle its biggest stars.