My Officially Official Thoughts about the NBA Part 2

By Khalid Salaam

1. I hate the Sixers. I don’t mean hate like I hate the smell of cooked pork or hate women who wear open toe shoes during cold weather. No, I hate the Sixers like I hate faux preachers who sell their congregation dreams about riches and salvation in the after life while they bleed them dry here on earth. The Sixers are in town tonight to play the Knicks and ordinarily I’d have plans to go to MSG and root, root, root for my team. But I’m not going, it’s a silent protest. I refuse to acknowledge the bs they are putting us fans through. I really struggle to understand what the plan is and I’m tired of trying to figure it out. Its not because AI is gone, I was a Sixers fan long before I even heard of him and I will again someday rep with pride. I still rep of course, if someone asks me who my team is then yeah I say the Sixers. But I don’t wait for their highlights on ESPN before I turn the channel nor do I read the standings everyday to make sure we’re not mathematically eliminated yet. I just accept that this is a lost season. I haven’t been this disillusioned since the Clarence Weatherspoon days, since the team rocked those corny ass early 90’S jerseys.

I was annoyed but not shocked when Billy King brought back Larry Brown. But I was surely confused about it. So basically BK brought LB back to be his boss? Brown’s title is VP; King’s title is GM—so yeah he’s his boss. Who does that? Even though LB was the de-facto decision maker why give him official authority and in the process undermine your authority? I’m just waiting for LB to fire King. Unless, maybe that’s what he wants, that way he can escape the situation he created. Either way I become less concerned every second. At least C-Webb and his continent sized contract are gone although the buyout is a little crazy.

2. No offense but all the Raptors fans on this website who post constantly about how their team is on the rise need to relax. No one in America cares. Winning the Atlantic is like winning the war in Iraq. Even if you win, you still lose.

3. So if Steve Nash wins the MVP again and Suns coach Mike D’Antoni doesn’t win again then the whole thing is a set up. I refuse to acknowledge anything otherwise. I like Nash a lot but c’mon.

4. My favorite play of the year so far is Gilbert’s game winning 3 pointer last week. I agree that Arenas does take his share of bad shots but he’s a talented dude and the Eastern Conference really needs him. I’ve stopped hating on the East so much lately. Because the future looks great (Dwight, Bron, Wade, Bosh, etc) and lets just sit back and enjoy what we can. Sure the West will probably produce the winner but there are no guarantees. I’m thinking that the Heat, Cavs or Pistons will make a trade that will change everything.

5. Speaking of winners I’m thinking the Mavs are looking quite title worthy right now. Which brings me to another point. Everyone says the West has better talent and that’s why the teams are so dominant. True, but lets not discount the fact that the have great head coaches as well. Depending on whether you think coaching is overrated maybe you won’t agree with this statement but this is the row call. Avery Johnson, Phil Jax, D’Antoni, Sloan, Pop, Van Gundy. The best coach in the East is on sick leave right now. That has to count for something.