Yao on the Artest Trade: Petrified, Yet Cautiously Optimistic

by Marcel Mutoni

Even if you don’t care for the Houston Rockets one bit, you sort of worry about Ron Artest’s addition to the team. It’s only natural; when a combustible element is added to an already dicey mix, everyone is forced to sit up a little straighter.

And this applies not just to the media, fans and casual observers; the players are equally anxious. Take Artest’s newest teammate Yao Ming, for instance.

The Houston Chronicle brings us the big man’s thoughts on the stunning trade:

“We worry about the new attitude to the team. We are adding talent to the team and we need that, but building team chemistry is important. This is not bad. I don’t mean he is not welcome to Houston. But a new player always needs some time.

“There’s worry. Obviously, yes,” said Yao. “We will think about it, of course. Hopefully, he’s not fighting anymore and going after a guy in the stands.”

I would honestly pay good money for a ballsy Rockets staffer to sneak that amazing quote into the team’s media guide next season.

The Ron Artest Experiment in Houston is going to be fun, yes?