Box Busters: 1992-93 Upper Deck Basketball (PHOTOS)

Box Busters continues with 1992-93 Upper Deck. Fresh off his second straight NBA title, Michael Jordan graces the cover of this box. The silver-foil packs feature a shattered backboard.

This box included 36 packs. The odds stated on the back of the packs are as follows:

“All-Rookie Team” – 1:12

“Basketball Heroes” 1:9

“Award Winner” Hologram – 1:18

“SP1” – 1:81

The base card for 1992-93 Upper Deck basketball is one of my favorite base card designs of all time. The cards feature the clean white border with the team name in gold at the top and a banner at the bottom in team colors with the player name boxed off with a gold foil outline. You can see photos of two of my favorite 1990s duos in Kemp/Payton and Jordan/Pippen along with one of the best rivalries ever in Bird/Magic.

One of the coolest and most nostalgic pulls was the Upper Deck Trade card—I pulled five of them in this box. This was the card that you could trade for the eventual No. 1 pick overall, which ended up being Shaq. Just for the sake of showing you what came in the mail back in the day, I took a photo of the redemption Shaq with the trade card.

Overall this was a great box to bust. It had a huge number of inserts and different subsets, making for some good variety.

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