Box Busters: 1994-95 Skybox NBA Hoops, Series 2

A few weeks ago, our friend Jordan Hagedorn ripped a box of 1994-95 Skybox NBA Hoops, Series 1. He’s back with the opening of a Series 2 box. Just like Series 1, the box contained 36 packs with 12 cards per pack. Hoops Power cards were one per pack, Power Predator cards 1 in every 12 packs, Magic’s All-Rookie Team cards also 1 in 12 and a different special print Magic’s All-Rookie Team cards 1 in 36 packs.

Some of the highlights of this box were:

• Hoops Power subset (Kemp, Pippen, Barkley)


• Gold Mine subset (Rodman, Vlade, Spree, Van Exel)


• “Top This” Double-sided set featuring picks 1-10 from 1994-1995 on one side and 1993-1994 on the reverse.


• Several gold foil Rookies including the 1994-1995 NBA All-Rookie team (Hill, Kidd, Big Dog, EJ, Grant)


• NBA team cards (expansion teams Raptors/Griz)


• 3 Magic’s All-Rookie team inserts (Person, Jalen, EJ)


• 3 Power Predator cards (Rodman, McMillan, Admiral)


• 1 special Magic’s All-Rookie team insert (Donyell Marshall)

Keep an eye out for more Box Busters in the weeks to come.

You can follow Jordan on Instagram @jordanhagedorn.