Box Busters: 1994 Pacific Prism (PHOTOS)

Box Busters continues with a box of 1994 Pacific Prism. This particular box contained 36 packs with just 1 Prism card per pack and (no joke) a Dan Majerle card. Some pretty nice gems on the Majerle front.

The Prism packs were pretty straight forward, with mostly rookies and some stars. The rookie cards featured guys in their college jerseys, while the team logos on the pros jerseys were wiped, due to no licensing deal in place. A few nice rookies and stars, but overall a pretty weak box.

Some of the highlights (and lowlights) of this box were:

• Gold Prism Glenn Robinson


• Base cards of Glenn Robinson, Grant Hill, Eddie Jones, Penny Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning.


• No Jason Kidd (travesty)


• Handfuls of the aforementioned Dan Majerle gems, including Thunder Dan playing tennis and chillin’ at his restaurant.

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