Box Busters: 1999-00 Skybox Hoops (PHOTOS)

For the first Box Busters of 2016, we decided to roll with a box of 1999-00 Skybox Hoops.

The box and packs feature Vince Carter, and the odds are as follows:

Name Plates – 1:4

Build You Own Card Redemption – 1:4

Calling Card – 1:8

Y2K Corps – 1:16

Autographics – 1:68

The Dunk Mob – 1:144

The base set cards are pretty standard, but the inserts are cool visually. The veterans feature on-court imagery, while the rookies have some hilarious original photography.

The “Name Plates” inserts are my favorite pulls of this box as they show off their nicknames, similar to one of my favorite inserts sets of all-time 1993-94 Fleer Ultra “Famous Nicknames.”

Unfortunately I didn’t pull a Y2K Corps or an autograph that I had hoped for, but the gem of the box was the Paul Pierce “Dunk Mob,” which was 1:144 with its refractor-like shine and abstract background.

Stay tuned for next month’s Box Busters hitting the week following All-Star weekend, paying tribute to the GOAT around his birthday.

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