Chris Webber Helps Launch Basketball-Inspired Emojis

Who doesn’t love emojis, right? Now, there are even more hoops emojis for the basketball fan, just in case that fire emoji wasn’t cutting it for ya. Scroll through the brand new HoopMojis up top and read below for more info about the Chris Webber supported project:

SPORTMOJIS has launched the HOOPMOJIS iOS APP today. The emoji app will be available on the APP store. HOOPMOJIS extends the emojis concept for sports beyond the limited offerings of a basketball, fire symbol and airplane emojis most commonly used today. HOOPMOJIS includes fun, basketball-inspired emojis that display sport related emotions and hand gestures from the scream to the bad call face and animated basketball-related graphics.


Chris Webber, retired NBA player states, “I’m excited about the launch of the HOOPMOJIS APP because basketball has a language of its own. With HOOPMOJIS, sports fans can really communicate with graphics, phrases and characters that authentically reflect the culture of the sport. HOOPMOJIS includes over 500 emojis that are descriptive of not only the sport but the lifestyle of the sport. For example, breaking ankles, get buckets, bunnies, cookies, dropping dimes and putting him on skates are all concepts, words and phrases created from and inspired by the athletes who play the sport. I’m really excited to be part of such a creative team.”


Lavetta Willis, founder of SPORTMOJIS, has been involved in the sports world her entire life. A former women’s basketball player at the University of Notre Dame and co-founder of DADA Footwear, Lavetta was inspired to create HOOPMOJIS by her 15-year-old son. L. Willis states, ”I noticed the limitation in emoji offerings for my son and his friends as they communicated about basketball through text and social media. There is a love affair with emojis and sports lovers want to participate as well! We had a blast developing the APP.”