IMG Basketball Training Series: Passing

by June 22, 2015

1) Partner Seated Passing

Purpose/Benefits: This drill perfects passing form while strengthening the core and muscles involved in passing a ball.


Can be done with a basketball or medicine ball.

a. Two players sit on floor across from each other with legs spread out and perform 20 chest passes each with thumbs down palms out.


b. Repeat with two-hand overhead pass. You can increase distance and weight if needed for an additional challenge.


c. Now, players sit on floor across from each other and pass two balls back and forth at the same time.


d. You can also “machine gun” them so that you are throwing with one hand and catching with the other hand at the same time. Do 20 reps each. You can increase the distance and weight if needed for an additional challenge.

2) V-Cut Passing Partner Drill

Purpose/Benefits: This drill emphasizes getting open, catching with the outside hand away from the defender to avoid turnovers, catching on balance, and making proper passes away from the defense.


a. One player will work on his/her pivots, arches and sweeps while the other player will V-cut to get open for the pass. Perform 10 reps of each type of pass.



b. Every pass is thrown to the target hand. While the ball is in the air the receivers feet need to be in the air. Every person must catch with both feet landing at the same time. We will use chest passes, 1 hand passes, and bounce passes during this drill.



3) One Man Passing Game

Purpose/Benefits: This drill emphasizes accuracy of completing the passes while working on strength and muscle memory through repetition.


Tape a square on the wall or use a pitch back. Stand 5-8 feet away from the wall or pitch back and perform 25 reps of the following passes. You can put on work gloves, wrist weights or both to increase level of challenge.

a. Chest pass.


b. Behind-the-back pass (left and right hand).


c. Bounce pass.


d. Overhead pass.


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