IMG Basketball Training Series: Offensive Post Play

by June 08, 2015

1) Taps and Finishes

Purpose/Benefit: This drill teaches the player to have body control in the air while absorbing contact, which is important when jumping for rebounds. It also trains the player to have a quick second jump and making a basket with contact which is essential for all post players to master.


a. The player will stand with his body parallel to the back board with a coach standing facing him.


b. The player will jump and slam the ball as hard as possible against the back board 3 times immediately jumping as soon as they land. While the player is doing this the coach is two-hand pushing him in the chest on every jump while the player is in the air. The player will complete the drill by making a basket on the 4th jump while absorbing the contact.


2) Post Move Series

Purpose/Benefit: This drill teaches the post player to open up and see the whole floor, then making a good skip pass to the opposite side of the court. It also trains a player to show and relocate to the ball with their hands high giving a good target. Finally, it trains them to catch the ball in the post with the ability to finish with multiple moves.


a. The player will spin the ball to themselves simulating receiving a pass in the post.


b. The player then will reverse pivot and make a skip pass to the opposite wing. The player then will relocate the strong side (ball side) block with his hands high and post up.


c. The player will receive a pass form the coach then complete the following series of moves (one per repetition):

– Drop step

– Inside hook

– Up/under (baseline side and paint side)

– 2 dribbles middle spin back to the baseline

– 1 dribble baseline spin back to the middle


3) Rim Run and Seal

Purpose/Benefit: This drill trains the post player to sprint from rim to rim (rim run), seal the defender and then finish by making the basket. The ladders and hurdles are incorporating speed training into this drill.


a. The player will run through the agility ladder with high knees touching both feet in each square as quick as possible.


b. Then they continue over the hurdles with high knees.


c. Once out of the hurdles they will sprint to the half circle under the rim. Once they get there they will pivot and seal to receive a pass for the coach near half court and finish with a lay-up or dunk.


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