IMG Basketball Training Series: Speed

by June 29, 2015

1) Resistance Band Closeouts

Purpose/Benefits: This drill trains close-out speed, agility, and conditioning.


a. The player and coach will be connected with by a resistance band. Cones will be placed five spots (corners, wings, and top). The player will run to the cone in the corner then slide to the other corner through the half circle. Then they will slide back to the circle then sprint to a wing and run back to the half circle, sprint to the opposite wing and run back to the half circle, then run to the top cone and back pedal ending in the half circle. The player must touch every cone with his hand while the coach is moving in the opposite direction to create resistance.


– Pro G- 16s
– College G- 17s
– HS G- 18s



2) Basketball Speed Drill

Purpose/Benefits: This drill trains speed with the ball, agility, lateral movement, completing a shot while tired, and conditioning.


Three cones will be set up like a T on one half of the floor. Five cones will be set up outside the paint on the same end of the floor. A line of cones will be set up going across half court and one cone will be placed in the corner of the court on the opposite end of the T.

a. The player will speed dribble through the T with a figure eight motion and complete a lay-up.

b. Then they will side step towards the sideline.

c. Once they get to the sideline, they will sprint to half court.

d. At half court, they will side step to the opposite sideline.

e. Once there, they will sprint to the corner rounding the cone sprinting to the FT line, where they will receive a pass from the coach to complete a jump shot.



3) Resistance Band MB Zig Zags

Purpose/Benefits: This drill increases speed while handling the basketball and ball control. This drill also improves conditioning.


The player and coach will be connected by a resistance band. Cones will be set up the length of the floor in a zig zag pattern.

a. The player will dribble the medicine ball as fast and strong as possible through the series of cones while pulling the coach.


b. Then the player will take off the resistance band and use a regulation basketball and complete the same series. The following dribble moves are suggested:


– Cross over
– Between the legs cross over
– Behind the back
– Combo



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