IMG Basketball Training: Strength

by June 15, 2015

1) Front Squat

Purpose/Benefits: To build leg and core strength applicable to the defensive play and explosive nature of basketball.

Programming: This exercise should be done no more than once a week of 4 Sets of 6 Reps or 5 Sets of 5 Reps. The weight should be accomplished with a gradual increase per set but completing the last set with moderate strain.


a. Place barbell across front of your shoulders. Keep elbows up and together to maintain the front shoulder rack position. Place the feet under the hips allowing the feet to be hip width with a slight toe turn out position (external rotation). Keep the whole foot on the ground, especially the heel, throughout the entire exercise.


b. Start the exercise by keeping the torso upright; bend the hips back, and the knees to allow the hip to go down as far as possible. Then drive through the ground keeping the knees out to return to the standing position. This should be completed with a neutral spine especially keeping the lower back “flat.”

2) Box Jump

Purpose/Benefits: This exercise develops vertical jumping ability and explosiveness.

Programing: Complete no more than 25 max effort jumps in one session, every other day.


a. Starting with the feet under the hips and toes pointed straight, drop down in a ¼ squat as quickly as possible inducting the stretch reflex property. Immediately change directions and quickly extend or straighten the hips, knees and ankles also known a triple extension; jumping in the air above the box.


b. Then, land on top of the box in a ¼ squat quietly absorbing the force of the landing.

3) Supine Body Row

Purpose/Benefits: This exercise strengthens the upper back and core musculature to maintain heath and balance.

Programing: Complete 25-50 reps total with as little rest as possible. To increase the difficulty of the exercise, raise the feet off the ground.


a. Utilizing a bar at hip height, grab the bar at shoulder width and lay back underneath so that you are face up.


b. With the body in a straight line from the feet to head, using the upper back pull the chest to the bar, completing the pull, so the middle of the chest touches the bar. Return to the starting position by slowly lowering the body.

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