LeBron James Visits China

by September 14, 2016

LeBron James just made his 12th annual trip to Asia. While overseas, he connected with youth in Guangzhou and Beijing, on the court and in the weight room.

While in Guangzhou, James went to the High School Basketball League All-Star Game, where he participated in shooting drills and a skills competition. He also made sure to highlight a group of students who earned tickets to the game by excelling in the Nike Active Schools at the West Sports Road Primary School.

The next day he soaked up all the glory by riding in a car in front of 10,000 fans, who showered him with “MVP” chants. Before he left Guangzhou, he checked out a Nike Rise Academy program at Guangdong Experimental High School, where he participated in drills with the team. He also watched film with the team, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to on-court detail.

In Beijing, James worked with the U23 Chinese National basketball team on the court. He joined them on the floor and got in on some drills, all the while preaching about training hard, both mentally and physically.

Check out photos of the trip up top.

Photos courtesy of Nike


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