Milwaukee Bucks Unveil New Nike Uniforms For 2017-18 Season

by August 10, 2017
Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks have released their new Nike uniforms for the 2017-18 season via their Twitter account and team website and they feature an ad patch from Harley Davidson, the team’s new sponsor.

Other than the patch on the left shoulder and Nike swoosh on the right shoulder, both pairs of jerseys and shorts look very similar to what the Bucks were wearing last season. The Bucks’ Icon uniforms are in their traditional green with white letters/numbers and “Bucks” across the front while the Association uniforms are white with green letters/numbers and “Milwaukee” across the front.

A notable change is the elimination of the alternate M logo on the middle of the collar, which was present in both of Milwaukee’s standard uniforms for the 2016-17 season.

Check the gallery above to see all the angles of the Bucks’ new unis.

Nike and the NBA Introduce Jerseys for the 2017-18 Season

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