NBA Draft Index, Vol. 3

Scouting the top 2015 NBA Draft prospects in the NCAA.
by March 04, 2015

The conference season is coming to a close. Desperation has set in and the ability to preform under pressure is the element that scouts want to evaluate. Seniors are winding down their college careers, teams are gasping for post-season life and lottery hopefuls are taking everyone’s best punch—how will they respond?

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1) Jahlil Okafor, 6-10, C/F, Duke

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The model of efficiency, Okafor is money in the bank from 12 feet and in, shooting 66.3 percent from the field. Over 70 percent of Okafor’s shot attempts are at the rim. He must improve his athleticism to compete above the rim on the next level and expand his range another five feet or so.