NBA Draft Index, Vol. 4

Scouting the top 2015 NBA Draft prospects.
by April 24, 2015

This weekend is the last “live” weekend, when NCAA coaches can scour the nation looking at high school prospects in person. It also represents the early entry deadline for the NBA Draft. Underclassmen have until midnight this Sunday night to opt in for this June’s Draft.

For the first time this season, the Draft Index will include international entrants.

NBA Draft Index, Vol. 3

Images via Getty, CB Seville (Porzingis), FC Barcelona (Hezonja)

1) Karl-Anthony Towns, 7-0, F

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Towns was the best half court player for the last two months of the season. He shot 61.5 percent down the stretch en route to taking the Wildcats to the Final Four. Towns displayed a strong post game with a jump hook that is unstoppable. His ability to impact the defensive side as a top-tier shot blocker separates him from the pack.