Nike Creates ‘Greased Lightning’ Kyrie 3 Colorway

by May 04, 2017
Nike Kyrie 3

1978’s Grease, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, is about two high school kids who try to figure out how to turn a summer fling into a serious relationship. It’s one of America’s classic musicals and it features several iconic songs.

One of those legendary songs is “Greased Lightning.” It’s about Danny Zuko’s (Travolta’s character) prized 1948 Ford De Luxe. In the song, Zuko and his crew, the T-Birds, sing about how the car helps them win races and get girls.

According to Nike, Kyrie Irving’s a big fan of the movie. Here’s more from the Swoosh:

This KYRIE 3 PE and its lightning graphic take inspiration from one of Kyrie Irving’s favorite musicals, also a film, and its lead character, Danny Zuko’s, car. Irving’s interest in theater began as a kid (while performing in school productions) and continues today.

Irving always makes sure to expand his interests outside of basketball. He’s very aware of finding things that make him genuinely happy, as he told us in his SLAM 206 cover story. Looks like performing arts can be added to that list. Scroll through the gallery above to see his special kicks.

Photos courtesy of Nike


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