SLAM Radio: College Edition!


by Justin Walsh

The NCAA is going to be a circus this year. There are investigations on many top players in the country and we haven’t even had season opening tip-off yet. How is it possible that the BIG 12 could be deeper this year without Blake Griffin? Is it ridiculous to say the BIG EAST conference is still the strongest in the nation, year after year? More importantly, is the PAC-10 ready for prime-time play? These questions, as well as thousands more need answering.

At SLAM, we had an idea: we wanted to give the hoop-heads a weekly update on all things important in the NCAA landscape. We couldn’t just give you guys a weekly column though; we felt the need to step it up a notch this season. So Joey Whelan and I hit up Ryne with the idea, he let us run with it and here is the finished product.

Each week, Joey and I will keep you updated on what’s going on in the country, plus some things that need to be addressed. In addition to that, we’ll have a guest each week on our show to give you some analysis from an angle we might not have. The whole point is to keep the SLAM faithful up to snuff with their college basketball IQ.

For our first episode, who better to go with than Cub Buenning? He eats, sleeps and breathes college basketball. You know he’s a SLAM guy, but did you know he played college basketball at Brown University? Or that he was also a graduate-assistant coach for Brown? In one way or another, he’s been involved in college basketball since he was a teenager.

In our first episode, we cover the top 5 teams in the country, some mid-major sleepers and more (Yes, John Wall will be mentioned at length). Sit back, press play, enjoy the ride.