Post Up: Lockout Open Thread

by November 02, 2011

If it were up to us, the morning and afternoon of November 2, 2011 would be spent discussing the first night of the ’11-12 NBA season. A group of well-written, reliably witty recaps of the opening set of contests would live in this space, under the above banner, and a quick scroll southward would reveal a few hundred comments of high-quality digital barbershop banter.

Of course, things haven’t exactly unfolded the way we’d have liked them to. For the time being we’re forced to sit idly by, waiting for the inevitable next labor meeting, waiting for this boring lockout ride to throw both the media and—more importantly—the fans through its next turn of events. So what we bring you here isn’t a synopsis of a night of hoops, or a piece of breaking news, or even a video featuring a few of your favorite hoopers doing something other than playing professional basketball. Instead, at the moment, we give you…well, nothing.

Feel free to use the comment section below to vent your thoughts on the situation, which side you believe is truly at fault here or how you believe a solution to this mess could one day come to fruition. Or you can hypothesize how the canceled games (Dallas vs Chicago, Utah vs Houston, L.A. Lakers vs Oklahoma City) would’ve unfolded had they not become casualties of the NBA and NBPA’s ongoing incompetence. Or go ahead and provide some predictions of how the season will play out whenever it does return, which I’m guessing it will around—yeah, like I’m gonna be the guy that jinxes anything. Let me pass on that one.

Hopefully, at some point in the near future, you’ll see this space filled with an actual Post Up containing actual recaps. Hopefully. —Adam Figman