Post Up: 3rd Time’s a Charm

by May 01, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

Okay people, how the hell do you try to describe what we all witnessed last night?

Second best game I’ve seen all year (the first is still Cuse/UConn’s 6 OT’s, for me), and definitely the best first-round series I’ve ever witnessed.

Triple-overtime, 51 points from Ray Allen, three Celtics fouling out, Rose with the block at the end of the game, Hinrich’s missed layup (where I did sort of have a yelp of agony escape my lips), Noah’s steal and slam, John Salmons hearing my pleas for the Bulls to go to the hoop.

Ray Allen’s three-pointers.

All nine of them.

And all 18 attempts, too.

Brad Miller knocking down all five of his free throw attempts and above all else, the Bulls coming back from eight down in the final minutes of regulation where they looked like they were dead. Oh, it was an amazing night. And, for any Canadian readers, Game 7 will be on The Score Saturday evening. Seriously, thank God everyone in Canada will have access to this one.

K, back to the gane, we are so lucky to have had a series like this to open the playoffs.

Best first-round series ever?

It’s the best I’ve ever seen. The games just keep on getting better. I’d be happy with another two weeks of these teams going at it.

I also thought Rondo was going to be tossed with the tossing of Hinrich into the scorer’s table.

Man, there are no real words for a game like that. Series like that. Overtimes like that.

Epic. Classic. Amazing. Everything.

Everything that I love about this game was on display last night.

In other news, the Sixers absolutely crashed and burned, our boy Till has the game story on that and in Houston, the Rockets took out the Blazers and they will face the Lakers next round for their troubles.

So tell me, favorite moment(s), in the game last night and is this the best first round series ever?

And suddenly, it’s 4:30am and time for me to retire. Let’s talk about this game.

Oh yes. Rondo had 19 assists, 0 turnovers, 57 minutes and one hell of a dance with fate for tossing Hinrich into the scorer’s table in the first quarter.

So amazing, indeed.

PS. @russbengtson Twitter of the night, “Paul Pierce against Ben Gordon could be subtitled Truth or Dare.”