Post Up: Tying Up Loose Ends

by May 10, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

Hello Slammers! I’m just checking in briefly because I’m still home in Scotia and this is my last day so I’m squeezing in as much as I can over these final 28 hours or so.

Couldn’t resist though, had to show my “face” after that brutal Lakers loss yesterday so no one could accuse me to hiding away.


Before the game I actually said, I’d like the Rockets to put up a fight and maybe get another game. Maybe get another game! Where has my killer instinct gone? It disappeared with the injuries to Yao and Dikembe. Those two bigmen both kill me. The shots of them on the bench cheering side by side were the sweetest yesterday.

You know what wasn’t the sweetest and actually, was the opposite of sweet? The rotten Laker defense. Horrific showing by the boys and now I’m worrying about Lamar Odom’s back after a hard, hard fall that resulted in an offensive foul and a technical. Yeah.

To sum up this one: End of the third quarter, 0.7 left on the clock, the Rockets throw an alley oop to AARON BROOKS and he completes it. Aaron-I-make-Allen-Iverson-look-6 feet-Brooks. And that was the 99-87, Houston victory. Series tied, 2-2 and we head back to LA.

Not sure if you caught it, but Brooks was tricked into wearing a red jacket to the game after he thought the entire team would be wearing them because they were hung in their lockers.

Phil Jackson dropped an eff-bomb in his postgame interview. Game Five is going to be fun.

Seriously though, the Lakers need to come out strong.

Now, onto the Boston/Orlando game. I was rooting for Orlando down the stretch until I realized they already led 2-1. I’m pulling for each series to go to seven (if only ATL could find life), so I quickly flipped to Boston. And Baby. He didn’t disappoint.

Getting the pass from PP, he drained the game-winner at the buzzer to tie the series and on his way back to the bench to celebrate, he shoved a kid out of the way, almost knocked into a ref and then went crazy. The only person who looked happier than the man himself was Doc Rivers who looked like he’d just won another championship.


Most importantly, each series is tied at 2-2.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Okay, time for me to stop blabbering on and time for you to discuss all that I didn’t mention here.