The Post Up: Magical Victory

by May 21, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

And we’ve got ourselves a series. I’m a happy, happy girl. Two nights in a row of amazing playoff basketball and I just know the Lakers/Nuggets won’t disappoint me tonight.

Happy to hear JR’s knee/calf/etc. is doing okay and he should be good to go tonight.

Now, Hello Orlando Magic. How lovely of you to remind everyone that no one is entirely invincable. Even if the Cavs get the next three, I’m glad SVG and his crew got a game. I love that he told them they were all witnesses at the half. Loved LeBron’s assessment of this postgame, even more: “Uh, that’s called reverse psychology.” And you, LeBron, are entertaining.

Scary to see him hunched over after the game though. Apparently he’s okay, just a leg cramp.

Can we not talk about how tired he was? Or how maybe he had too much rest? Let’s just accept the loss as a loss and give the Magic some credit for coming back and grinding out the one-point victory.

I’m hoping the rest of the games in this series are as competitive. I’m also thinking that might be too much to ask for.

Dwight taking down the shot clock was just perfect. Anything that gives an opportunity to look back at the old clips of Shaq doing it first is a good thing. I loved that they had to go old school with the shot clocks on the floor. Yeah, I know, probably annoying for the fans, but the 10-minute delay cracked me up and reminded me of the New Orleans game last year when they had the stunt that went wrong with the fire extinguisher. Remember that?

One more thing about twitter: Watching the NBA playoffs while other NBA players who have been eliminated are also watching and tweeting along is pretty fun. It’s a little crazy how we are all so connected in this world through media and I am just loving it. If you were wondering, Charlie Bell and his wife are my new favorite NBA couple. They are hilarious. The best was when she asked him if he’d get her lips tattooed on his neck ala Kenyon and Trina.

Okay, so Orlando takes the 1-0 series Lead. LA is up 1-0 on the Nuggets and they play Game 2 tonight.

Kobe went for a quiet 40 Tuesday night so it was only natural that LeBron would flirt with 50 last night, right? 49 for Bron but the W for Superman.

I love watching NBA stars becoming even bigger stars under the pressure of the playoffs. I loved hearing SVG say he had no idea what to do with LeBron. I also really, really love Delonte. Not so much a fan of Doug Collins announcing Cavs games though. It’s just a little (or a lot), over the top. And when I’M calling someone’s NBA love over the top, well then you know it’s serious.

Okay guys, I’m off to enjoy Game 2 day. Counting down the hours until tonight.