The Post Up: May Sweeps!

by May 12, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

How is it you return home from a vacation more tired than you were before you left? I’m probably in the air as you read this so I’m writing at the half of this Denver/Dallas game. Currently the Nuggets are up 10 points and are looking good.

Before I go any further, if you haven’t read Tom Friend’s ESPN: Outside the Lines piece on Billups, make sure you click the link and save it for when you get a moment. The photos alone are worth it, but trust me, you want to read this.

Earlier the Cavaliers completed the sweep of the Hawks. That… Sucked. I really thought ATL would at least get a game and I really wanted them to extend the series. We are rooting for Game 7’s here, people. Josh and crew, you failed me.

Flagrants flying in the playoffs this postseason.

I appreciated Charles saying that the refs have been messing it up in the postseason. I can’t imagine how tough it is to referee an NBA game, particularly a playoff game, but man. I don’t even understand what is a flagrant/flag-1/flag-2/non-call anymore.

I just take what I think the call should be and then make it the opposite and usually that’s how it ends up going.

So, all of this talk about the Lakers losing: Yes, I’m a huge Lakers fan, but most importantly above all else, I’m a basketball fan. And a fan of good battles and good games. That horrific showing the other night was not fun, but it didn’t ruin my Sunday.

Just felt like I needed to make that clear.

And, for all of the Toronto NBA fans, no Lakers/Rockets game on tv…. TSN2 strikes again! I’ll be hanging out at work just to catch the game, it looks like.

Predictions for Game 5 in the Orlando/Boston series? And the LA/Houston battle?

Also, Dahntay Jones is emerging as my non-superstar playoff fave. He’s just so good at doing the little intangible things you need to win. All of the Nuggets are, really. They are so much better than I was prepared to admit at the beginning of the postseason. Just so many weapons. If they keep their heads, well, the WCF will be fun.

Now, for the East. Would you rather your team sweep everyone and be rested for the finals or have faced adversity along the way?

It’s fun watching Brooks turn into a superstar of the postseason, isn’t it?

It’s official. I miss watching Chris Paul. Who is the player you miss watching the most now that they’ve been eliminated? I’m sure Wade is a popular choice, for me it’s definitely CP3.

Okay people, I’m shutting my computer so I can watch this game, fall asleep and then wake up tomorrow and make sure I’m not forgetting something important, since I always do that.

Annnnnnd. Dallas forces Game 5. Crazy game between the Nuggets and Mavs and I’m happy Dallas was able to grab a victory. I think that Denver may come out and pummel them in Game 5, but whatever. Kenyon was barking at someone as he walked to the locker room. He’ll still be heated on Wednesday for sure. Dirk was great and Josh was a warrior.

Cuban was hilarious at the end of the game. I’d like a Cuban-cam just like a Stan-cam for SVG. Imagine the laughs these two could bring over the course of a 48-minute game.

Time for me to get some sleep!