The Post Up: Playoffs Edition

by April 27, 2008

You’ve got me for another night while Lang holds it down in ATL with the messed up shot clocks and the crazy Hawks. He’ll be posting game notes, while I’ve got this spot for you all to get your discussion on.

After a late lunch with some of my family I came home to settle in for the day/night. I am the laziest person alive during these playoff weekends and it is the most amazing thing in the world until I actually stop and think about how inactive I am over these 48 hours. Doesn’t get any better.

First game of the day was Toronto and Orlando and when I tuned in, Toronto was up and looking good. I definitely jumped the gun when I emailed a friend who was covering the game in Toronto to say something along the lines of, “Yeah Raps, lets go!”. Before I knew it, we were in the final minutes of the fourth and the Raps blew it. Again.

Jameer did his best “Kobe” impersonation in the fourth, dropping in 12 points for the quarter, including 10 straight as the Magic pulled away late.

Now we head to Orlando where the Raps will either “win or go home”. Fun. Looks like I won’t be heading to see any second round action in Toronto this year. Chris Bosh put up big numbers, finishing with 39 points and 15 rebounds but he also got the big fat “L” to go with it.

Lakers and Denver was actually dare I say, boring? Another 20+ point win for LA (of course, for a fan like myself, this was a fantastic kind of boring, but I can see why other basketball fans found it boring). I thought to myself early on that the Nuggets looked like they were playing without believing. After the game, Melo pretty much said the same thing, that they had all quit in the third quarter. Iverson was not happy either, and the Nuggets are rapidly imploding before our very eyes.

Cub will have game notes coming up soon.

To be brief, AI and Melo combined to shoot 10-38 from the floor. The Lakers had five players in double-figures and two others with nine points as Kobe led a balanced scoring attack on the Nuggets.

Also, before the game Melo said he did not want to hear “MVP” chants for Kobe in Denver. Guess what? They rang out loud and clear (Unlike that nasty “no means no” chant that didn’t really catch on).

While I don’t believe in the Nuggets, the worst part is, I don’t think any of the Nuggets have believed since game one.

I can’t wait to read about the shot clock issue that went down in Atlanta. What is up with the clocks and scorekeepers in Atlanta? The players were cracking me up as they waited for things to start up again.

Doc is cringing. I am laughing out loud. KG is going to murder someone and Rondo looks stressed. Are we really going to have a guy counting down the shot clock?

I’m just going to say that I really hope Al wins ROY, Rondo is fantastic and Josh Smith is one of the greatest guys to watch.

Yes, again, Josh is something else. Imagine being able to jump out of the gym and fly like that. If only. Kiss the damn sky, Josh Smith, you are insane and I love it.

Al decided to get a little crazy on PP at the end of the game and now I’m worried about game four. Love the passion, my ROY, not sure if I will like the consequences. Still, how much fun was tonight for those Hawks? Great stuff to watch, that’s for sure.

Okay, Lang has those notes for you right here. Enjoy. Congrats, Hawks fans. You got to watch quite the show tonight.

Final game of the night is Houston and Utah. It’s an eight point game with Utah on top right now at the start of the third and I’m going to leave this one for Russ to recap for you. I’m hoping Houston can grab another win here, because then we’d have something interesting.

Before we go, a few links:

Here are two crazy MJ video’s that I saw recently and sent to Russ immediately since he is the MJ expert around here. I’ve never, ever seen him shatter the backboard before and seeing a skinny Michael is always fun.

Here’s a clip of the Nuggets mascot trying to show up the Lakers and how the Lakers respond. Don’t miss Charles at the end of the clip!

And finally, a picture that always makes me smile. Before I go, I just want to say that I don’t want a Spurs sweep, I wish the Suns would find a way to get at least one win.

One more thing…. Landry without that front tooth is FANTASTIC. Thanks, RV!