2014 Hoops in the Sun Summer League Trailer (VIDEO)

The season trailer pays homage to its 15-year history.
by May 29, 2014

Less than two weeks away from tipping off its 15th season, Hoops in the Sun, an annual summer basketball league held at Orchard Beach in the Bronx (NY), recently released its 2014 trailer. Played beachside, with a glaring view of the Atlantic Ocean in its background, HITS has long been known as one of the premier summer basketball leagues in the country, with its long list of past years’ participants composed of Tracy McGrady, Tim Thomas, Smush Parker, Ron Artest (Metta World Peace), Lamar Odom, Joakim Noah, Devin Harris and Lance Stephenson, among many other NBAers. Many of the top college players from the local area are also regulars, using the tournament to stay in shape and play against top-notch competition during the offseason. Orchard Beach is known to many of its attendees as the “East Coast’s Venice Beach,” while Hoops in the Sun CEOs, and also brothers, Joe and Randy Cruz, have been widely recognized for their role in pushing the league for a decade-and-a-half strong after the passing of their father, Joe Pops Cruz, the original founder of the tournament. The new season kicks off on June 7 and culminates on August 10. For more information on the league, visit HITS’ official website, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.