Al Horford Accuses DJ Augustin of Intentional Elbow to Groin (VIDEO)

Late in the third quarter of last night’s Atlanta/Indiana game, Pacers guard DJ Augustin drove to the cup and elbowed Al Horford below the belt. Following the Hawks’ 114-103 loss, Horford said the elbow was intentional and dirty. Per the AJC: “Augustin clearly created contact with an elbow that hit Horford in the groin. Horford’s arms hit Augustin in the head as each fell to the floor. After a lengthy discussion, then a video review, then another lengthy discussion, the officials called a technical foul on Augustin and a flagrant foul on Horford. The Hawks made their free throw and the Pacers made their two and got the ball. ‘I went up to contest the shot and I think that he purposely threw an elbow at me knowing that I was coming,’ Horford said. ‘He hit me in the groin area. It was very painful. He hit me and it as a natural instinct as I was going for the block to put me hands down and I guess I hit him in the head. It was a very dirty play by him. I’m obviously upset about the call. I understand that they are at home. The crowd is against the refs and they have peer pressure on them so they couldn’t let it slide. I am hoping that the NBA looks at the play and realizes that it was not an intentional hit and I should not have had a flagrant foul.'”