Allen Iverson Signs with Besiktas Cola Turka

by October 30, 2010

by Ryne Nelson

The deal is official. Allen Iverson has signed a $4 million, two-year contract with Turkish club Besiktas.

A press conference was held Friday at the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan. AI kept it real, wearing a black tee and Yankees cap.

Iverson told the press “my whole thing was being wanted,” and the Turkish club offers a chance at a “fresh start” in basketball. Iverson continued:

“I had a great time playing in the NBA. Who knows if I ever will again? But I wanted to show everybody I can play at a high level, not just the NBA.”

According to terms of the deal, Iverson will receive bonuses and a percentage of advertising revenues. The former NBA scoring champ also stipulated that the team can’t fine him beyond 1 percent of his salary.

Check the videos below to watch the signing, followed by the unveiling of his new No. 3 Besiktas Cola Turka jersey.