Brandon Jennings, Brad Beal Ejected For Altercation (VIDEO)

With 30 seconds left in last night’s Bucks win, Brad Beal sent Monta Ellis flying on his way toward the rim. Beal extended a hand to help Monta up, but Brandon Jennings took exception to the foul and pushed Beal from behind. A tussle ensued, and both Beal and Jennings were ejected.

Jennings explained why he reacted the way he did after the game: “With 30 some seconds left, I know a team never wants to give up an easy basket, but in that type of situation I feel like you should just wrap the guy up instead of just pushing him or fouling him once he’s in the air.

“I was just trying to protect my teammate. I didn’t think I was going to get kicked out for it,” Jennings said. “When you see a nasty fall, your first [instinct] is ‘Watch out, everyone get out of the way.’”