Brooklyn Nets Mascot Airballs a Trampoline Dunk (VIDEO)

Here’s an epic fail by the Brooklyn Nets’ terrifying mascot (BrooklyKnight) from last night’s preseason game against the Boston Celtics. Per the NY Post: “During the break between the first and second quarters, five Nets cheerleaders bounced off a trampoline and dunked while doing various acrobatic tricks. The BrooklyKnight was supposed to finish off the routine with a high-flying dunk of his own. But after the Nets’ mascot took off down the length of the court, bounced off the trampoline and went soaring towards the hoop, he lost control of the ball. As Nets play-by-play man Ian Eagle said on the YES Network broadcast, ‘You could not do that if given a thousand chances … maybe five hundred thousand chances.’ It led to several attempts by arena workers and players, including Nets forward Andray Blatche, to knock the ball out from underneath the 24-second clock, but they weren’t initially successful. Play resumed, and the ball eventually was removed after the game went into another timeout later in the second quarter.”