Celtics Pull Off Improbable 26-Point Comeback vs Rockets

The Boston Celtics rallied from a 26-point deficit to shock the visiting Houston Rockets 99-98 Thursday night.

It was such an improbable victory, that some in the local press compared it to past Super Bowl triumphs.

James Harden committed two offensive fouls over the final 7.3 seconds, and was 0-for-7 from the field with four turnovers when guarded by Marcus Smart.


“First one, we were just trying to deny him the ball, and we were just trying to make it real uncomfortable for him the whole night,” [Smart] said. “He lost it and gave me a little nudge, and it was kind of right in front of the official, and he called it. Then Al [Horford] scores and he was getting ready to take the ball out, he’s bumping me chest to chest. I’m just standing the spot getting ready to play defense again, so my hands are up and then, once again, he does the same thing.


“He loses it again, and the ref is right there again and called it. And that was pretty much the game.”


After the game, Smart was asked if he got under Harden’s skin.


“If that’s what we want to call it, I probably did,” he said.


Is that a role Smart is known for? “I guess you could say that,” he said. “My mom might say that.”

James Harden Commits 2 Offensive Fouls Late As Celtics Pull Off Comeback