Chandler Parsons Calls Houston a Dirty City (VIDEO)

by October 09, 2014

More fuel has been added to the fire in the rivalry between the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks.

Chandler Parsons dissed his former city on Media Day, saying Dallas is much nicer than dirty old H-Town.

Players, management and even ownership on both sides have lobbed shots at one another all offseason. (The Rockets beat Dallas 111-108 in their preseason opener Tuesday; their first regular season meeting takes place Nov.22.)

Per TBL:

“It’s cleaner here,” Parsons said. “It’s just like a nicer, cleaner city. In downtown Houston, there’s not much to do. It’s just businesses, and it’s just kind of … dirty.”


If you’ll recall, there’s been a bit of animosity about Parsons leaving the Rockets for the Mavs. Dwight Howard said that losing the free agent wouldn’t hurt the team at all, and Harden called him a role player. Mark Cuban and Daryl Morey have been sniping back and forth all offseason.


For his part, Parsons seems to be moving past all of it now. “I don’t understand why it got messy,” he said. “It wasn’t my choice, it was their choice to not pick up the option, so I don’t understand why there’s hard feelings toward me.”