Charles Barkley Calls Derrick Rose’s Comments on Sitting Out ‘Stupid’ (VIDEO)

by November 14, 2014

TNT analyst Charles Barkley took Derrick Rose to task Thursday night on “Inside the NBA”, for his comments this week about protecting himself from the long-term health effects of playing in the NBA.

Rose said he doesn’t care about the public backlash, and Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau continues to tell his superstar point guard to ignore the noise.

Thibs, hoping against hope, also wants fans and the media to be patient with Rose.

Per CSN Chicago:

“I think he’s a lightning rod right now,” Thibodeau said. “The same people that were praising him [his] MVP year are the ones that are criticizing him now, and when he starts playing great again will be the same people praising him again.


“For him [Rose], don’t get wrapped up whether it’s criticism or praise,” Thibodeau continued. “Don’t get wrapped up in either one of those things. The only person he really has to answer to is himself. Knowing that you have put everything you have into each and every day, given everything you have to the team to win. That’s all you can do, once you do that you should be good. You should never feel any pressure or anything for that matter. Just commit to the team and winning. When he does that it’ll work out fine.”


“ I think most guys at some point or another, they’re going to get hit with something that they have to get past,” Thibodeau said. “Unfortunately for him it was two consecutive injuries, two consecutive years. I think for him the only way to approach it is the way he’s approached it: You have to look at it as really seeing some growth, how to get past it, keep grinding away. […] He’s got to shake a lot of rust off,” Thibodeau continued. “When you’re off that long — basically its been three years — that’s a long time in pro sports. There’s a mental part to it, there’s a physical part to it, there’s an emotional part to it. He just has to keep doing what he’s doing. If he’s injured, he should sit. He had two spraind ankles, he’s got to sit. He’s healthy now so hopefully he can string some games together.”