Chris Paul Threw Up Following Trade to Houston

by April 06, 2018

Chris Paul was so nervous after being dealt to the Rockets last summer, that he puked.

CP3 says the anxiety of moving on to Houston after six seasons with the LA Clippers was overwhelming.

Things appear to have worked out for Paul and his new squad, as they continue to enjoy the finest regular season in franchise history.


“Everyone always thinks us athletes, we’ve always got it together. That’s a lie,” Paul says. “I was throwing up at [a] photo shoot.

“I was out there taking pictures,” Paul continues, “and I was like, ‘Give me a second.’ Boom. I ran out, threw up. Boom. Came back and acted like I had just taken a phone call. [It was] just the anxiety of knowing that there was a change that was coming.”

Paul was scared. “I had been living in L.A. for the past six years. The decision that I made was not only going to affect me, but my family, my kids, everybody around me. It was a big decision.”